Hear From Our Athletes

Clay Batty

3 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed pre-diabetic. I was over weight, out of shape, and headed down a bad path physically. After 2 years of strict diet change and cardio exercise I wasn't getting any better. That's when I was First introduced to Crossfit. After a year and a half of working out in a crossfit gym I'm no longer at risk For diabeties and in the best shape of my life. Thanks to Crossfit I can enjoy any physical activity that I want to participate in, and have a quality of life I've never had before. My Only regret Is not finding It sooner.

Gloria Hall

At the age of 59, I decided to try something I had never done before--crossfit. At Crossfit Avenue I love the one on one time with the certified personal trainer, the individualized workouts made just for my abilities, the sense of belonging and friendship, and being able to see the things I've accomplished that I never thought I could do. Since starting crossfit in February, 2014, I have more endurance, flexibility, and strength. I also feel happier and less stressed. Best of all after 20 years I am no longer on my blood pressure medicine.

Kaitlin Ewell

Crossfit has pushed me to limits I never knew I could go to, especially in Olympic weightlifting, which is my favorite part of Crossfit. I love lifting heavy weights and the feeling of getting a new PR. It's helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle and become the healthiest I've ever been. Being an EMT, Crossfit has helped my physical and emotional stamina to be able to succeed in my job. Everyone is so supportive and the trainers are the best to work with.

Jessica Briggs

Crossfit is my favorite form of exercise but working out at CrossFit Avenue is more than that. Of course the trainers are knowledgeable and give everyone the same focused attention. I can say because of this, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, but more importantly, I am a part a community of people who care beyond what number or time I put on the board. I walk in and it’s where I unload and regain personal strength and positivity. As a former college athlete, it is awesome to find a place where I can still push myself and have great support!

Stacy Shelley

I have been attending Crossfit Avenue for just over a year. Prior to Crossfit I was very active, running 5 days a week, but was always"skinny fat." I had never lifted free weights, and to be honest the idea scared me. With the help of the awesome trainers at Crossfit Avenue, I have learned proper lifting techniques and have turned my "skinny fat" into some toned muscle. The atmosphere is great and I love going there!

Matt Jenne

I have always enjoyed weight lifting but Crossfit has made it fun again. Since I started coming to CFA I'm almost positive that I've never had the fastest time on any WOD but I've been pushed each and every time. That makes me feel like I've grown. I love the friends and support that I have gained since beginning Crossfit over a year ago. No one is ever critical of anyone that comes and tries to better themselves. My time everyday at the box is one of the best times of each day. I love it.